The evening started with individual fan photographs where fans get the opportunity to meet Merrill and it soon becomes apparent that ‘Osmond-mania’ is still present today (only minus the hysteria bit!).

The fans, and there are lots, all seem to have a special bond with Merrill and many have met him many times before.

It’s a great concept where doting fans from years gone by get to personally meet their idol.

The fan photographs were followed by a meal, before Merrill hit the stage to start his set.

I was really excited to be asked to photograph this event, it was nothing like I’d ever done before.  I’d heard of the Osmonds, sort of knew who they were (who doesn’t?) and looked forward to what the evening would bring, to be honest I didn’t really know what to expect.



There was great excitement awaiting Merrill’s entrance, when he did, he visited all the tables, meeting and greeting with the odd selfie thrown in, before making his way to the stage where the music began.


What followed was great live music, legendary rock songs, lively dancing, heart felt singing transporting fans back to their youth, the atmosphere was electric.


The evening also included a question and answer session, where fans asked anything they wanted.  The q&a was captivating, honestly spoken on a very personal level, talking about his time in show business (58 years!), his family and his life experiences.

I came away from the evening with a new found respect for the Osmonds.  Merrill was such a down to earth, kind natured character, I got the impression that he has been unaffected by fame or maybe his family life has kept him grounded.  He is still able to rock it and all his fans had nothing but adoration for him.