What to wear on a brand photography shoot

Help! What
do I wear?

What to wear on your brand photoshoot


One of the first things clients ask is exactly that!  ‘help! what will I wear?


This is quite a hard question to answer and there are no rights or wrongs in what you wear.  Everybody has a different style (& brand!).  There are some general rules that can help make a better impact on photographs.  One important factor is that you must like and feel comfortable in what you are wearing, this will make you feel more relaxed during your photoshoot.


Styling your outfits for your brand photography shoot is vital to how your brand will look and will also impact the look and feel of your website and social media content.


Here are a few pointers for a successful brand photography shoot  (we will cover this in our initial brand call prior to the shoot so you feel confident in styling your shoot).

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Make a list of your aspiration and create a Mood Board

Creating a list of what you would like to get out of your photoshoot will help you clarify types of images you would like.  Also creating a mood board for your brand will help you develop a colour palette, which you can use during the photoshoot.  This will help decide what you want to wear, do you want to wear your brand colours or co-ordinate with them?  

Wear a variety of outfits

Depending on the length of your photoshoot you may like to wear a variety of outfits.  You will want to use your brand photographs for months to come, therefore various outfits will add variety to your photographs (you don’t want people to think you’re wearing the same outfit all the time!).  This can distract your audience instead of them taking note of all the great content you are sharing. 

Aim for a range of styles

Stick with block colours (ideally some elements will coordinate with your brand colours).  Having various outfits increases the longevity of the images.  Try and avoid anything too trendy or seasonal (unless this is your brand!), this will enable you to use the images over a broader period of time without looking dated.

Stick with solid colours

It is best to wear solid colours so YOU remain the main focus of the image.  Patterns, polka-dots and florals may look great day to day but can have the opposite effect in brand photography, they can be quite distracting in photographs and sometimes clash with backgrounds and the things around you (the same applies to branded clothes and neon colours).

There are always exceptions and if you really want to wear a print, think how it will tie into your brand style.

While picking out your wardrobe, you may find yourself gravitating towards your favourite printed pieces, but this is actually not the best decision. Florals, stripes and polka-dots may look great for your day-to-day wear, but they actually have the opposite effect in brand photography.

It is also good to consider your brand colours, the purpose of the photographs is to use them on your website and other marketing pillars, so it is always a good idea to incorporate them where you can.  Don’t wear colours that are the opposite of your brand and these may clash visually with other elements of your brand.  A good way to incorporate brand colours if you don’t want to wear them boldly, is to incorporate them subtly by using accessories, a scarf or shoes in your brand colours.

Keep things simple and be you!

One final note, just be you!!  This is guidance but you know your brand and business better than anybody, so ultimately nobody can decide what’s best to wear better than you can.  Wear what feels right to you.

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