This weekend saw the exciting Silverstone Classic taking place, the World’s Biggest Classic Motor Racing Festival!  

This is the lead up to the Historic Grand Prix Cars Association pre 1966 race sponsored by Maserati. (Formula 1 cars ageing from 1938 to 1965).  Where a grid of more than 50 cards line up including Cooper-Bristols, Aston Martin DBR4s and Maserati 250FS represented the front-engined era, also a large number of Coopers, Lotuses and Brabhams representing the rear-engined era that followed.

A nail biting race despite the rainy weather!

Sheltering from the rain at Silverstone Classic
Brabham BT11 at Silverstone Classic
HGPCA Cars at Silverstone Classic
HGPCA Cars waiting for the race to start
Brabham BT11 preparing for the race ahead
Brabham BT11 Car



Tim Harvey, the winner of the HGPCA pre 1966 race sponsored by Maserati