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What is Brand Photography?

Brand photography is a suite of professional images that visually represents your business and fits with your visual identity through use of colours, fonts, graphics, products and more. These can include photographs of yourself, your team, your products, your process, your environment and any other things that make your business unique.


Imagine having a stockpile of bespoke images just a mouse click away, ready to use across your website, social media, literature and marketing. Unique images that make a fantastic first impression, whilst confidently reflecting your brand, telling your story and building a personal connection before you’ve even met. No more editing photos on your phone or searching for stock images! Brand photography images are created entirely for you, to add professionalism and authenticity to your visual brand.

Benefits of having your own brand photography shoot include: brand recognition, time saving and helps build an audience that connects with your personal brand.

People say that “content is king”, but adding brand photography is definitely the cherry on the top!  Did you know that viewers are more likely to read a post when there is an engaging photograph attached to it?  (Facebook reported an average 37% increase in engagement). Eye catching brand photography is key to elevating your business to the next level.


There are two types of brand photography; personal brand photography and business brand photography.

The differences are outlined below;

Personal Branding

Personal branding is the creation of a brand around a person rather than a business. Personal branding can be used to sell your uniqueness, everybody has their little quirks and these can be used to set you apart from the crowd, what’s your USP?

Personal branding is like getting to know a person, their personality, their values, passions and expertise, by allowing people to get to know you through your brand you will start to attract your ideal clients and like minded people.

Typical examples of personal branding would include; a life coach, a photographer, fitness instructor, blogger, stylist, etc….

YOU are part of what clients are buying into.


Business Branding

Business branding is the creation of a brand around a business and is typically not fronted by an individual. Typically business branding includes selling a service or products.

Typical examples of business branding would include; a restaurant, a bakery, a local boutique, an artisan selling your craft or an on-line e-commerce shop.

You have a product you are selling and that is what your business is.

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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